Wanted dead or alive



Toten Engel (Dead Angel)


Erased Sin
First Impression
Black market Pipeline
Combat Monster
Wanted in Korea
Mysterious implant

Lined Coat: Ballistic 6/ 4 impact
Chameleon Suit: -4 to being seen (same defense as lined coat)

Blades (Proficiency in swords) 6
Shadowing (Proficiency in tailing) 3
Automatics (Proficiency in pistols) 3
Etiquette 2
Athletics [Climb/Run/Gymnastics/ Swim] 3
Infiltration 3
Dodge (Proficiency in ranged) 4
Perception 3
Locksmith 2
First Aid 1

Korean N
English 4
Chinese 3
Proxy Murders (Things pertaining to assassinations) 4
Black Market 4
Political whores (Anything relating to politics) 3
Safehouses 2
Ancient History 1

Katana (Shigure) half strength+3
Ceska Black Scorpion 4P
Survival Knife

10 normal clips
10 armor piercing clips
2 EX explosive clips
42 UV bullets

Anabelle Victoria Fear L/4 C/4
Kris (Fixer) L/3 C/3
Ivan (Fixer) L/1 C/2
Hot, mysterious poker chick L/1 C/3

Lives at Takoma Docks


To Kris, “Damn it Kris. I’m an assassin. I kill people for a living. Retrieving dogs? That’s not in my resume.”

Concerning Anabelle’s car, “Please tell me the fucking car is okay.”

“Essentially speaking, every single one of us could be a good person. But let’s face it… no one can afford to be a good person.”


Long before we had ever met, I think it was destiny that awaited us. We weren’t two ships passing in the night. It’s not like we had no idea about who we were. We knew each other better than we knew ourselves, better than we knew anyone else…
I guess that’s why it hurt so much when I had to kill her…
It was the first time I had ever disobeyed orders, and my subsequent fate involved a public execution. December 25th was supposed to be my last day alive. However, Kim Jong Trill, the self-proclaimed lord and savior of the human race, had other plans. He staged my execution—through the use of a double that was scheduled to be executed on the same day—and on the following night he made me an offer that I could literally NOT refuse.
Underneath a decrepit building where the frosted moonlight bled through the ceiling, Kim Jong Trill said in his fat, abrasive voice, “As a benevolent being, I cannot allow a man of your caliber to be put down like a dog… all that I ask in return is a favor.”
Favor my ass, I thought to myself.
“I want you… to work for the revenge proxy…”
Rain fell like judgment. At that point in time, it really felt like all the warmth in the world had disappeared.
“You… want me to be an assassin?”
“As powerful and benevolent as I am,” the dark mass of diabetic fat slouched deeper into its chair as it spoke. “I can’t account for every soul under my domain. Having said so, there are things that elude me.”
I never the lord and savior of the human race could be eluded, I thought to myself.
“There are many people beneath me,” he really meant that everyone was beneath him. “And, as the lord and savior of the human race, I don’t want the prayers of my people to go unanswered,” the rain grew heavier and heavier. “And that, my physically well-endowed friend, is where people, such as yourself, come into play.”
“So,” I raised my voice so that it wouldn’t be drowned out by the rain. “What you’re saying is… the Proxy agency, or rather, the people who work for that agency, serve as your angels?”
“Beautifully said,” lightning cleaved through the sky, and, for a moment, his fat fucking entirety and his piercing red eyes were in clear view. “You are to enact revenge against all those unholy…”
“Don’t you see how ridiculous you sound,” I asked. “By that philosophy, I could be hired by anyone. I could be executing a disproportionate retribution upon innocent lives. Don’t you see the flaw in your system?”
The rain stopped. The sound of the wind that was whipping through the air stopped. Everything stopped.
“Oh Kano,” the moonlight filtered through the cracks in the clouds. “You were always so… perceptive, but, at the same time, oh, so… naïve. Do you honestly believe that humans are inherently good? Do you honestly believe that none of us our without sin? Do you honestly believe that all of us, to some degree, aren’t deserving of hell? In our world, Kano, there is no such thing as… innocence.”
That’s when it happened: my entire body was painted with red lights. Even though my eyes were well adjusted to the dark, I couldn’t see a single body. The only thing I could see were the insane amount of laser sights pointed directly at me.
“You don’t have to accept my offer,” the fat fuck said. “But it would be an honest to heart shame if you refused… I mean… without my blessing… who knows what’ll happen to you.”
I knew it, I thought to myself. He wasn’t asking for a favor; he was proposing an ultimatum.
Serve as a dog or die…
I didn’t want to die…
However, I didn’t want to live as a dog either…
But, if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose the former…
And so I did.
“Fine,” I said. “I’ll… accept your generosity…”
“I knew a man of your intellect would come to reason…”
“So… when do I start?”
Kim Jong Trill did an obscene motion with his left hand. After he completed the motion, the lights disappeared. He then proceeded to say, “You’ll begin tomorrow. Until then, I want you to go home and get some rest. I’ll be sure to send someone over in the morning to retrieve you and brief you on your new life. Once you’re acclimated, I’ll delete your criminal record and everything pertaining to it. You’ll be able to go about living your life as if nothing bad ever happened…”
Nothing bad…
“Is there anything else I should know?”
“No no… you are cordially dismissed.”
I got up and began walking the hell out of there, but before I could leave Kim Jong Trill said one last thing:
Welcome to Proxy, Kano…
“Damn you,” I cursed under my breath. “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but, one day, your entire diseased fucking temple will come crashing down…”
That night would conclude the ending of my old life…
And I’m not even halfway done with the prelude.


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