Take Me To Europa

We Won An All-Expenses-Paid Vacation to North Korea! pt. 2

up in the HQ

As they flew over the Pacific in the tiny supersonic jet, Knave, Ikiryo, Vortex and Neko planned their next move for the run.

Wait, who the hell is Neko? She was the magically invisible Elf girl in the back of the minivan. She snuck onto the plane, and eventually uncloaked, scaring the shit out of everyone.

“Why did you sneak aboard our plane?” Knave demanded, unsheathing his blade.

Neko stuttered a reply. “I… I want to be a Shadowrunner. Like you guys.” a big anime sweatdrop formed on her brow. She was an Elf, about 14 years old, with eyes that glowed with an arcane magic, and a pair of cat ears twitched on top of her head.

“Ya know, sneaking on to our plane and freaking us out was probably not the best way to become a Shadowrunner,” said Vortex.

Neko coughed nervously and said nothing. Knave slide his death sword back into its scabbard. “Fine,” said the ninja, “but you better not be a spy or something. Or I’ll be really pissed off.” Neko nodded.

The Shadowrunners introduced themselves, and discovered that Neko was looking for her brother, a troll named Fenrir. “Hey, we know a Fenrir!” said Vortex, “Maybe it’s the same one? Fenrir is a pretty common name.” Neko gave more details about Fenrir. It was the same troll!

“What a strange coincidence,” said Knave.

“I have no idea what the hell is going on,” said Ikiryo.

As our intrepid Shadowrunners, Ikiryo, Neko, Knave and Vortex, fell graciously out of a God damned airplane over North Korean airspace, no one really thought this was a bad idea whatsoever.

While Ikiryo had his own parachute, custom-made and fitted with thermogliders, altimeters and other hi-tech doodads, the others had to make do with whatever that asshole pilot handed them before booting them off the cargo ramp mid-flight.

Knave pulled his cord and floated down easily enough. After much freaking out and parachute problems, Vortex was able to hold onto Neko as they tumbled down, detangling the chute before splattering on the cold, hard ground.

“So what now?” Ikiryo asked while cooly lighting a cigarette.

“Lets go to the HQ and kill this damned queen before a butterfly bursts out of my chest” Knave said.

“Aww, that’s so cute,” Vortex and Neko echoed. Knave gave them both dirty looks. Also, his face was covered in dirt, so this added to the effect.

After walking a few blocks to the Korean BBQ restaurant that was a front for the Syndicate, some semblance of a plan bounced in their heads. They would sneak into the secret underground base, gain access to the Armory and other sweet rooms that were drawn awesomely on the makeshift map, and inform the North Koreans of the secret base.

As soon as the cavalry of North Korean super soldiers arrived, the team would break into the lower levels of the facility, undetected as the invading NK SWAT team made for a perfect distraction. They hoped their plan would work, anyway.

Knave and Ikiryo went ahead, ordered the secret menu item (peanutbutter beef) and took the secret freezer elevator in the back of the noodle shop down to the Synidcate’s HQ. Knave was able to secure one of the dorms on the lower floor. The previous owner had died in a mysterious frogurt accident. Ikiryo went to look for a good place to jack in and start hacking. Neko and Vortex got the e-vite to Knave’s new pad, and took the elevator down to LEVEL 0002 (BARRACKS), meeting the ninja in the tiny, cramped loft.

Searching the room, the trio found swords, knives and pistols, loaded with explosive and armor piercing rounds. “Nice find, Neko-san” said Vortex. The Elf girl gave a thumbs up and smiled. After tearing down the Kid Rock posters and putting on his epic JRPG playlist, Knave relaxed on the bed while Neko and Vortex browsed Yahoo chatrooms on the PC.

“What are you looking for?” asked Neko.

“A smuggler to get us out of here, once our mission’s complete. Someone with a fast enough ship to make the Kessel Run in at least 12 parsecs.” A microscopic image flashed on the chatroom’s upload window. Vortex rolled our eyes. “It looks like this small penis man can help. Ugh, what a creep, though.”

“Hentai…” Neko agreed.

“We can watch Hentai later, Neko-san. Here, you can use the comp now, I’m done.” Vortex passed the keyboard to the mage.
“iku yo!” she said happily. Vortex shrugged, smiling like she understood, while Neko scrolled her tumblr page.

The human hacker Ikiryo strolled into the nerd cave that was the Matrix training range. Several slobby looking script kiddies sat in chairs, dumb expressions on their faces, writing code with their minds while jacked into VR. He took a comfortable leather chair and began his infiltration into the security systems. 1’s and 0’s danced in his eyes as he set BOOLEAN_SECUIRTY_1 = FALSE. No alerts. Not yet, anyway.

Ikiryo had finally accessed Administrative privileges into the complex with his dope hacking skills. “You have a Green Light, Knave” he said over the secure channel.

Knave hopped out of bed. The mission was a go.



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