Elvish Punk Rocker Orc Poser


Awilix Anuket

Name: Vortex Metatype: Elf
Body 3 Total Edge 6
Agility 5 Current Edge
Reaction 3(4) Essence 0.1
Strength 4(8) Initiative 6(8)
Charisma 5 Init. Passes 2
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 3

Blades(Axe) 10(12)
Automatics(SMG) 9(11)
Throwing Weapons(Lobbed)8(10)
Unarmed Combat 8(10)
Dodge(Ranged Combat) 9(11)
Perception 7(9) hear(sight)
Drive(Honda) 9(11)

Influence 11(9)(+2 pheromones)
CON 11(9)
Etiquette 11(9)
Leadership 11(9)
Negotiation 11(9)
Disguise 8
Infiltration 8
Palming 8
Shadowing 8

Climbing 12
Gymnastics 12
Running 12
Swimming 12

Music(Hardcore Punk Bands) 4(6)
Literature(Sci-Fi) 4(6)
Politics(Conspiracy Theories) 4(6)
Security Procedures(Lone Star) 4(6)
Local Rumor Mill(Street Rumors) 4(6)
Fine Dining
(Fine Restaurants/Clubs) 4(6)
Criminal Organizations
(Brain Eaters) 4(6)
Seattle Underground
(Ork Underground) 4(6)

English N
Sperethiel 4(7)
Japanese 4(7)
Korean 1(4)

Ethnicity: Canadian Age: 26 Sex: Female Height 5’8’’ Weight 173
Primary Armor: Lined Coat 8/6 (Ballistic/Impact)
Ranged Weapon: HK-227X semi/burst/full auto Dice: 13, Dam 5
smartgun system: +2 attack when linked
suppressor: -2 perception to hear shots
retractable stock: +1 recoil compensation
Melee Weapon: Combat Axe (reach) Dice: 11, Dam 12
Wakizashi, Dice: 10, Dam 10
Microfilament Chainsaw
Equipment: 5’ of heavy chain, bike lock w/key, grapple gun x 5, smoke nade x 1, flash grenade x 1, salvaged parachute parts, backpack

Goggles: Image Link, Smart Link, Flare Compensation, Ultrasound (echolocation), Thermographic (predator)
Earbuds: Select Sound Filter (rating 3)
Vehicle: Honda Spirit, Accel 10/20, Pilot 1, Armor 6, Handling +1, Speed 80, Body 8, Sensor 1 Phyiscal Damage Track Stun Dam

Orc Poser
Erased SIN
High Pain Tolerance
Hawk Eye
Spirit Bane (Earth)
Computer Illiterate
Quick Healer (+2 to dice pool for any healing)

Cyberarm (Str = 8)
Aluminum Bone Lacing (3)
Wired Reflexes (
2 dodge)
Tailored Pheromones (+2 influence)

Various Equipment
Duct Tape
Foldable Chair
Pepper Spray

Contact: Meatball



A Former Mercenary, Vortex was always a master of disaster with her trusted Battle Axe. She could also fire sub-machine guns as well with ease. When the Mercenary work dried up, Vortex started to follow more dubious leads. Such is the life of a Shadowrunner.

Several Months Ago, seen fades from black to a medium income residence, a pink & black haired punkrocker Elf sits at her desk, polishing her beautiful double axe

Her two favorite things in the world were her axe, and Goblin Rock. It was incredible stuff. But as an Elf, she always felt like a misfit with her Elvish family and Elf society. She was given funny looks at the Orcsploitation Clubs, A real slop pot of society inhabited these clubs; Trolls, Orcs, Humans, Elves, Posers, Various Magical Beings.

One such club, Black Lotus, frequently hosted Goblin Rock events. One Lotus member was Vortex, a darkly beautiful orc woman, leader of The Moonbreakers, a powerful Orc Gang known for their ferocity and deadly weapons. Buying her way into Black Lotus, Awilix made a beeline for the bar, ordered a strawberry daiquiri+two extra shots, and sipped her drink, noticed the oddly similar features this Orc Vortex had to herself, an Elf. The same red/blue spiraled hawk eyes, similar jawline and cheekbone height. They were practically identical. Copying the eyebrows was easy enough, as was blending into the crowds of Goblin Rock fans. Awilix evesdropped on Vortex’s conversations, the comings and goings on the Moonbreakers. and knew the exact moment of when to extract her.

Vortex was always going on night errands, and left her apartment into dimly lit back alleys and parking lots. That’s when the ambush happened. Awilix hid in the dark, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Seconds dragged on in slow-motion.

Awilix spotted the orc, aimed her tranquilizer dart, and pierced the back of the punk chick’s neck. The Orc stumbled, when suddenly Awilix’s younger sister Cyclone pulls up in a Honda’s, Awilix catching Vortex in mid-fall, leading her into the back of the sweet ride.

It’s easy to find unscrupulous plastic surgeons in Seattle. Just use OoogsList. All you need is a fistful of credsticks and sunshine in a bag. Awilix had the unconscious Vortex strapped down in the doctor’s operating room. Awilix lay down on her own table, scrubs on, ready for the operation. Dr. Kansei was deft with his hands, and with saws and surgical tools, removed the orc’s tusks and surgically attached them onto the Elf’s canines. Modern medicine is quite amazing, and the great doctor was able to surgically craft Awilix’s face into a beautiful creation. She was an exact duplicate, lush lips, huge eyes and tusks, living hair transplants for a more Orcish look.

The Memory T:Drive program downloaded the Orc’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, secrets and desires. The T-Drive was 2,000 Nuyen, a fair price. The DNA transfusion was an extra 1000 Nuyen, but completely worth it; the Elf genetically tested as both Elf and Orc, two separate genetic nanite swarms, each one camouflaging evidence of the other’s race.
The transformation complete, the New Vortex opened her eyes, admired her shiny new orc fangs, strong muscular arm and legs and other Orcish features. She was incredible. She was Vortex.
The nameless former Orc leader, still strapped to the gurney in the operating room, unconscious and unknown to all, was killed by a single Wakizashi blow to the chest.

Vortex easily absorbed her thoughts and memories of the Memory T:Drive through the image uplink in her goggles. In full 3-D Display, Vortex remembered her old passwords, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, plans, ideas and dreams. She was Transfused with Vortex, absorbed her soul, her essence, her being.
Vortex gazed into the mirror, into those red and blue spiraling raptor eyes, she saw herself, she saw Vortex. Awilix was a dead name to her now. She was Vortex.

Naturally taking over her role as Master Vortex. Seiza of the Moonbreakers, Vortex was able to effectively run and manage the gang in her neighborhood. Over the course of half a year she became fast friends with the Lieutenants, Hammertooth, Strogg, Yal’Droth, and enjoyed the wise council of Grood the Clever. They went on several successful heists and robberies together, stealing boxes from Megacorp trainyards, selling anything on the Black Market.

The local Yakuza, Black Scorpion, had recently acquired some bonus armaments after a successful raid. Some lower members were able to sneak out a case, and were offering it to the highest bidder. Vortex new an opportunity when she saw one, and went for it.
When it came to steal the identity of a high ranking member of a powerful street gang, she took it. Now she had the trust and friendship of two dozen Moonbreakers. Everything had gone perfectly. Little did she know the Moonbreakers were about to be betrayed by the Black Scorpions, a perfectly executed double-cross led by the heinous Sensei Hakai. Hakai Slaughtered half of her companions, using horrible elemental magic.

Suddenly a supercharged blast of force exploded the air, utterly deafening, and a chopper appeared. Lone Star. Their spotlights flashed on the orcs, combinations of shock darts and bullets rained into the crowd of Moonbreakers. Shot and bloody, Vortex barely escaped with her life through a broken warehouse. Her compatriots were not so lucky, gunned down by the overzealous Lone Star members or arrested and fined, stored in jails until they pay up. She had no idea how many had lived or died, or who, it was all just a blur, a flash of gunfire and explosions. Hammertooth, Strogg, Yal’Droth. All gone. Only Grood remained, back at the territory. She knocked a man off his motorcycle, hopped on and sped down Central Ave to Grood. Hakai’s men casually picked clean the dead Orcs of Nuyen and weapons. Hakai grinned. “The Bitch escaped. Not for long. We know where she’s going. Find her.”

She met him in his study, Grood was analyzing various online rumor/newsinfo sites. Vortex explained everything that had transpired.
Grood’s face was a dour mask of concern. “Vortex, you are in grave danger. You must go into hiding, or you will surely be killed by this ruthless Sensei Hakai. We will change your identity, give you a sub-level single apartment, nicely furnished, secret from the world, disguised in plain sight, undetectable.”
‘How will I contact you?’ Vortex asked, not just a little trepidatious.
“You won’t. Your only connection to the gang will be through a low-level thug, Meatball. He’s an Orc, delivers pizza, he does the occasional odd job for a little extra dough if ya know what I’m sayin’.” Grood waited and no laughter followed. “Anyway, he won’t know who you are. No one will. I hope you like plastic surgery, because you’re about to need it.”
“Plastic surgery, huh? I love to try new things,” smirked Vortex.

Grood opened his enormous gun safe and removed a briefcase, handing it to Vortex. Inside was a SIN card, legal identification, keys to a new apartment, complete access to all public transportation, a machine-gun, grenades, and the Ghost Devil EXE. Vortex had only heard rumors of the Ghost Devil software, a malevolent A.I. that follows behind you like a virtual shadow, erasing your digital footprints. To see the EXE with her own eyes, it was miraculous. A single use program that bonds itself with it’s user’s mind, molecules of software interlaced in a strain, becoming seamlessly integrated with the brain, undetectable and supposedly wireless. Ironic that Vortex is still mostly computer illiterate.
She activated the Ghost Devil EXE and felt it download into her brain. A Matrix-connected metaware system, continually deleting any evidence of the host brain’s activities. Incredible technology, absolutely mind blowing. Unfortunately her download was cut short by an explosive burst.

The entire north side of Grood’s apartment was engulfed in a massive fireball, a huge inferno burning everywhere, black smoke billowing and spiraling throughout the demolished home. Vortex screamed. “Get out of here while you still!…” Grood’s words were cut short by a hail of hollow-tipped bullets, entering his body and bursting out the other side with a cloud of blood. Vortex’s screams turned into the agonizing, piercing shrieks. It was the cry of a helpless animal. She heard Sensei Hakai’s laughter through the thick smoke. It stabbed her heart like a dagger of ice. She had to get out of there. Or she would be dead along with her friend. She had to focus on the present. Force yourself to think, or die.

Ducking behind a couch, she tossed a flashbang near Grood’s corpse, clenching her eyes shut, and zipping across the room as Yakuza men were blinded by the light. She darted down a hallway and into another room. She opened a window and crawled through. She was outside, and breathed in the cold air, revitalizing, a miracle. Her legs exploded with energy as she sprinted down the alley, making several random turns left or right to avoid being followed, getting away from the horror, as far as she could.

Fast forward a few months. Vortex is now living in secret in an apartment near the Orc Undergound in North Redmond. Her Elvish grandmother, Daucina had recently moved in with her, unable to afford the pricey senior living centers, fully loaded with robotic butlers and staff. She has acquired a few new friends, Knave and Shiro, two assassins, both with mysterious pasts. By teaming up, they have made some serious Nuyen.

Vortex hopes this will be a fruitful venture, and is ever weary of Sensei Hakai’s spies, who may be lurking anywhere. She has to find Meatball, who’s recently gone missing. It’s her only connection to the Moonbreakers and who might still be alive, who could offer her help at killing the Black Scorpions, to get her Justice. Vengeance is a strong a motivator as anybody.

Vortex was always Vortex.


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